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      Date:17/02/2019   e-mail                          ພາສາລາວ
Annoucement Ceasing operations of one leasing company and three pawnshops
Annoucement Be more vigilant about deposit services and joint investment
Annoucement The Issuance of the "450th Anniversary of the Thatluang Grand Stupa" Commemorative Coins
Annoucement The Bank of the Lao PDR Issues commemorative coin on the occasion of the 28th & 29th ASEAN Summit and Related Summits
Annoucement Publish advertisement for souvenir coins and bills       Piceture more...
Annoucement Distribution of the memorial coins-100th anniversary Birthday of President SOUPHANOUVONG
Enterprises International Investment Position Survey Report In Lao PDR 2014-2015      

Invitation for Bids (IFB)  


Governor Sonexay Sithphaxay Meets new French Ambassador to Lao PDR 11/01/2019     

BOL Governor makes working visit to Vietnam 07/01/2019     

BOL Governor Meets with Japanese Ambassador to Lao PDR 10/12/2018     

The Bank of the Lao PDR's new Governor approved by the National Assembly 05/12/2018     

Governor of Bank of the Lao PDR meets IMF Regional Resident Representative for the Lao PDR and Vietnam 04/12/2018     

Bank of the Lao PDR Delegation Successfully Joined the 2018 IMF/WB Annual Meetings in Bali, Indonesia 10-13/10/2018  
BOL Acting Governor Sonexay Holds Bilateral Meeting with BOT Governor Veerathai 02-04/11/2018  
Bank of the Lao PDR joined The High-Level Forum: 40th Anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening-up 26/10/2018  
BOL marks 50th Anniversary of its Founding Day with Outstanding Achievements 06/10/2018 
BOL to release a book entitled "50th Anniversary of the Bank of the Lao PDR"  
BOL to mark 50th Anniversary of its Founding Day  
BOL Governor received new World Bank Country Manager to Lao PDR   14/08/2018
Deputy Governor of the Bank of the Lao PDR received a courtesy visit from the IFC CEO.   26/07/2018
BOL Governor received new World Bank Country Manager to Lao PDR   14/08/2018
Deputy Governor of the Bank of the Lao PDR received a courtesy visit from the IFC CEO.   26/07/2018
The governor of the Bank of Lao PDR received a courtesy visit from the IMF Staff Visit mission to the Lao PDR for 2018   16/05/2018
The governor of the Bank of Lao PDR received a courtesy visit from the IMF mission.   12/12/2017
Lao, Korean central banks boost banking cooperation   03-06/12/2017
BOL and CDB sign MOU on Financial Cooperation to promote the development of SMEs in Lao PDR   13/11/2017
The Bank of the Lao PDR gears up battle against money laundering   01/03/2017
BOL Governor meets CEOs from the French Banques Populaires visiting Lao PDR   28/02/2017
Microfinance bodies advised to beef up management   24/02/2017
Governor Somphao Welcomes his SBV Governor during the annual Bilateral Meetings held in Luangprabang, Lao PDR   15/02/2017
The Bank of Lao PDR and IMF hold a High-level Seminar on Macroeconomic Management for senior officials   10/02/2017
Lao PDR successfully chaired the ASEAN+3 Finance and Central Bank Deputies’ Meeting   11-12/12/2016
BOL holds and Annual Bilateral Meeting with the NBC in Luangprabang, Lao PDR   12/12/2016
Greater Mekong Sub-region Capital Market Education Forum 2016   08-09/12/2016
Governor Somphao Welcomes EU and US Ambassadors to Lao PDR at the Bank of the Lao PDR   23/11/2016
Laos, The Great Leap Forward.  11/11/2016
Unlawful financial institutions warned of legal action   31/10/2016
BOL and CBRC sign MoU for technical cooperation in banking supervision   08/09/2016
BOL Governor Somphao Phaysith Welcomes IMF Managing Director at the Bank of the Lao PDR   07/09/2016
Bank of the Lao PDR and IMF hold workshop under the topic "Introduction to yield Curve and Its Application"   11/08/2016
Transcript of Interview_DG Vathana_FAM   09/06/2016
Bank of the Lao PDR signs cooperation agreement with Bank of Korea   30/05/2016
BOL Governor attends 19th ASEAN+3 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors� Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany   1-5/05/2016
IMF leader visits Laos   15/03/2016
IMF chief praises Laos, For Maintaining Macroeconomic Stability   03/03/2016
BOL's Aerobic dance for the international women's day   03/03/2016
Lao PDR hosted the ASEAN Finance and Central Bank Deputies' Working Group Meeting and the ASEAN + 3 Task Force Meetings in Vientiane   26/02/2016
The Opening Ceremony of AMRO as International Organization launches in Singapore   19/02/2016
The Staff Consultation Visit by ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office (AMRO)   14/02/2016
Bank of Lao PDR Hosts the Second Annual Meeting of the Advisory Committee for the IMF Technical Assistance Office for Lao PDR and Myanmar   23/11/2015
Bank of the Lao PDR and Ministry of Finance sign data exchange cooperation   04/11/2015
IFC and Laos Work to Improve Corporate governance   13/10/2015
Governor of Bank of the Lao PDR successfully concluded the 2015 WB/IMF Annual Meetings in Lima, Peru   10/10/2015
The Bank of the Lao PDR and the Central Bank of Russian Federation signed the MOU on Central Banking Cooperation   09/10/2015
Lao, Korean banks ink technical cooperation ties.   25/08/2015
Governor of the Bank of Lao PDR received a courtesy visit IMF Country Representative for Lao PDR and Vietnam   18/08/2015
Lao Central Bank Governor finished his Working Visit in Europe   06/07/2015
BOL received a farewell IMF's Resident Representative for Lao PDR and Vietnam   01/07/2015
BOL toughens stance against money laundering   17/06/2015
The 5th Mekong Capital Markets Cooperation Meeting held in Luang Prabang, Lao PDR   08/06/2015
Mobile financial service providers in Cambodai shared knowledge and experience with a Lao delegation   08/10/2013
Govt to clamp down on projects contracted out to private sector   20/02/2013
Top IMF official outlines conditions for Laos' economic growth   01/02/2013
Governor of Bank of the Lao PDR, H.E. Somphao PHAYSITH, successfully defended the PhD dissertation at the National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam   25/01/2013
Central bank to curb non-performing lones   04/01/2013
Not right time to raise reserve requirement: CentralbBank   06/07/2012
IFC Signs up to Improve bank Payment System   01/06/2011
Central bank installs modren IT system  14/03/2011
Microfinance staffs boost management skills  14/12/2010
Central bank defends issue of 100,000 kip note 17/11/2010
Central bank Launches Online Credit Information System  04/11/2010
Central bank reruits media to promote use of kip  01/11/2010
Central bank unveils electronic money transfer system  28/10/2010
Bank FC Celebrate Lao League Title   02/08/2010
Central bank to keep kip stable   04/01/2010
Construction of stock market building kicks off     30/09/2009
Central bank continues to boost economy    19/08/2009
Micro-finance project to improve access to funds in rural areas   19/08/2009
Central bank cracks down on forged banknotes 21/07/2009
Central bank develops human resources as stock market looms 14/07/2009
Top banker seeks increase in deposits 19/06/2009
Certificate Modern of investment Professional-1(CMIP-1)   21/04/2009
Securities market to open by year's end   10/04/2009
Stock market to limit shares foreigners can buy    17/03/2009

Reference Rate
Date 15 February 2019
Reference Rate
8,560 LAK/USD

Exchange Rate Issued by Operations Department
Date 15 Feb 2019

USD 8,576 8,581
THB 272.60 274.64
CPI for Lao P. D. R.
Time CPI Inflation Rate (Y.O.Y)
104,16 1,48%
BOL Interest Rate (%)
Less than 1 week More than 1 week 2 Weeks-1 year
4.25 5.31 10.63
Interest Rate Swap (%)
1 Week
2 Weeks
1 Months
1,97 %
3,01 %
3,05 %
0,72 %
1,11 %
1,64 %
0,61 %
0,92 %
1,29 %
Reserve Requirement Rate (%)
KIP Forieng Currencies
5 10
Including Eligible bond not excess 4%

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