By acknowledging the good deeds during the past and presently, the Government has issue the  decree, with the decision to adopt the 7 th October 1968 as the day of founding the banking sector,  because this dte was the date of printing the liberated Kip currency of the patriotic forces under the  leadership of the Lao People's Revolutionary party and succeeded over complete victory. Since the  unification with the La National Bank, the administrators of the Bank for each period of time named  as follows:

02/12/75 - 1977      Mr. Thongchanh Uparavanh, Managing Director of the National Bank,
     1978 - 1980           Mr. Nouphanh Sithphasai, Managing Director,
     1980                     Mr. Khamphoui Keoboualapha, Managing Director (3 months),
     1980 - 1983           Mr. Soth Phethlasy, Managing Director,
     1983 - 84 - 87        Mr. Bousabong Souvannavong, Chairman of the State Bank,
     1987 - 1988           Mr. Nouphanh Sithphasai, Chairman of the State Bank,
     1988 - 1990           Mrs. Pany Yathotou, Chairman of the State Bank,
     1990 - 1992           Mrs. Pany Yathotou, Governor of State Bank,
     1993 - 1994           Mr. Bousabong Souvannavong, Governor of the Bank of the Lao P.D.R
     1995 - 1997           Mrs. Pany Yathotou, Governor of the Bank of the Lao P.D.R
     1997 - 1999           Mr. Cheuang Sombounkhanh, Governor of the Bank of the Lao P.D.R
     1999 - 2001           Mr. Soukanh mahalath, Governor of the Bank of the Lao P.D.R
     2001 - 2002         Mr. Phoupheth Khamphounevong, Acting Governor of the Bank of the Lao                                  P.D.R
     25/04/2002 - 01/02/2003        Mr. Chanhsy Phosikham, Governor of the Bank of the Lao P.D.R
     21/02/2003 to date           Mr. Phoumy Thipphavone,Governor of the Bank of the Lao                                                 P.D.R           

    The Technical Staff Formation from (1975 - 2002)
In - country training:
       - training and siminar                                   4,886 persons,
       - Low level short term training                          511 persons,
       - Middle level                                                  168 persons,
       - High level (undergraduate)                               07 persons,
       - Bachelor degree                                             09 persons.
    + Overseas training
      - Overseas training/seminar                            1,416 persons,
      - Middle level                                                    152 persons,
      - High level (undergraduate)                                 25 persons,
      - Higher level (graduate + postgraduate)              120 persons.

      That was the functioning and history background of the Bank of the Lao P.D.R

     We are ultimately proud and fond of the growth, development, performamces and successes that  our sector has fulfilled, we consider that as a sacrifice and eternity. Our being proud and fond will  not pull up here, it will always advance. For the civilization and properous strenght of the nation and  in order to lead our country to graduate from the state of least development, it urges our sector to  improve ourselves in all aspects, particularly in the areas of capital funds, technical knowledge,  human resources, provision of complete sets of modern equipment, vehicle and technical base like  in other countries aiming to attain the strategic plan on money and credit as laid down by the Bank  of the Lao P.D.R from now to the years 2020 - 2010 - 2005, gradual transforming the Bank into  modernization, so as to lead and guide the banking system be competitive with the domestic and  foreign banks, integrating our bank into international standard step by step. Thus, it is necessary  that the party - member staff throughout the banking sector develop the tradition and performances  attained in the past incessantly, together make a unanimous decision to praise the spirit of  patriotism, self-mastery, self-strength and overcome all obstacles for the advancemant of the  banking sector as required by the nation and the epoch

                                                                                          Prepared by Viengthong Keomanisy


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