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      Date:14/10/2015   e-mail                          ພາສາລາວ
Annoucement Publish advertisement for souvenir coins and bills       Piceture more...
Annoucement Distribution of the memorial coins-100th anniversary Birthday of President SOUPHANOUVONG

Lao, Korean banks ink technical cooperation ties.   25/08/2015  

Governor of the Bank of Lao PDR received a courtesy visit IMF Country Representative for Lao PDR and Vietnam   18/08/2015  

Lao Central Bank Governor finished his Working Visit in Europe   06/07/2015  

BOL received a farewell IMF's Resident Representative for Lao PDR and Vietnam   01/07/2015  

BOL toughens stance against money laundering   17/06/2015  

The 5th Mekong Capital Markets Cooperation Meeting held in Luang Prabang, Lao PDR   08/06/2015
Mobile financial service providers in Cambodai shared knowledge and experience with a Lao delegation   08/10/2013
Govt to clamp down on projects contracted out to private sector   20/02/2013
Top IMF official outlines conditions for Laos' economic growth   01/02/2013
Governor of Bank of the Lao PDR, H.E. Somphao PHAYSITH, successfully defended the PhD dissertation at the National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam   25/01/2013
Central bank to curb non-performing lones   04/01/2013
Not right time to raise reserve requirement: CentralbBank   06/07/2012
IFC Signs up to Improve bank Payment System   01/06/2011
Central bank installs modren IT system  14/03/2011
Microfinance staffs boost management skills  14/12/2010
Central bank defends issue of 100,000 kip note 17/11/2010
Central bank Launches Online Credit Information System  04/11/2010
Central bank reruits media to promote use of kip  01/11/2010
Central bank unveils electronic money transfer system  28/10/2010
Bank FC Celebrate Lao League Title   02/08/2010
Central bank to keep kip stable   04/01/2010
Construction of stock market building kicks off     30/09/2009
Central bank continues to boost economy    19/08/2009
Micro-finance project to improve access to funds in rural areas   19/08/2009
Central bank cracks down on forged banknotes 21/07/2009
Central bank develops human resources as stock market looms 14/07/2009
Top banker seeks increase in deposits 19/06/2009
Certificate Modern of investment Professional-1(CMIP-1)   21/04/2009
Securities market to open by year's end   10/04/2009
Stock market to limit shares foreigners can buy    17/03/2009

Reference Rate
Date 13 OCT 2015
Reference Rate
8,132 Kip/USD

Exchange Rate Issued by Operations Department
Date 13 Oct 2015

USD 8,116 8,148
THB 231.00 232.00
CPI for Lao P. D. R.
Time CPI Inflation Rate (Y.O.Y)
124.82 1.23%
BOL Interest Rate (%)
Less than 1 week More than 1 week 2 Weeks-1 year
4.5 5.625 11.25
Interest Rate Swap (%)
1 Week
2 Weeks
3 Months
3.15 %
3.20 %
3.50 %
1.65 %
1.68 %
1.83 %
Reserve Requirement Rate (%)
KIP Forieng Currencies
5 10
Including Eligible bond not excess 2%

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Tel: 021 - 213 109 E-mail: